My Last 20 was showcased!

As a indie developer I always wanted to see my games on an important web page and now is the day!. After 7 years creating games I finally made one that was accepted to be on an really important showcase the “GameMaker Showcase”. But first, a little bit a context.

- What's the GameMaker Showcase?:

The GameMaker Showcase is where the games made with “GameMaker Studio” are shown for those who want to start using this engine and see what is GameMaker Studio capable of.

Why is so important?

All my games are made with Game Maker Studio, not a big surprise, but seeing my game be part of that showcase means that my game has the quality to represent what is GameMaker capable of. Also for me is a really big goal that I achieve thanks to you guys who gave me a lot of feedback and support. Additionally, the game is getting visibilitie for those who wants to become a developer.

Once again, thanks for the support and the feedback that you gave me!. You are making my dream come true day by day! 

Have a nice one gamers!


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