My Last 20 - A 20 seconds Arcade Game.


About the game

A little bit of context.

My Last 20 is a retro arcade game made for the Game Jam of the 20th Anniversary of Game Maker. Got 3rd place on the community votation, but didn’t win the competition. The game topic had to be the numer 20, so that’s why the main goal of the game is survive for 20 seconds (arcade mode is infinite). I love how I recieved positive feedbacks about the game so I decided to take it to other level and keep improving the game. 

Game Description

Welcome to the mission “My Last 20” astronaut!

Your goal on this operation is to survive for 20 seconds on the darkness of the deep space avoiding asteroids, but be careful! The space time there behaves different as it does here.
You can use that on your favor, move faster than the asteroids and don’t collide with anything or you will die there and no one can save you. Just… make sure to survive the 20 seconds, OK?

I think is very easy, I would do it myself, but you were chosen to complete it. There are some other difficulties “Ez Mode”, “No Ez Mode” and finally “Death mode” try to complete the mission on the 3 different difficulties. There is a infinite mode also if you can’t complete the normal modes, let me see how we called….. oh yeah… Arcade Mode, you will recieve some power ups to make your mission easier!

Best of luck Astronaut.
-DroidGames Studio Space Station.

Our Astronauts:

“First review of this game. I can say that I’m in love with it. Nostalgia really hit me hard when I heard Most awesome 8-bit song ever”
-Đorđe Vučković

“Excelente jugabilidad, estética y sonido. Juego muy desafiante y divertido!”
-Hernán Larraín

“Really really good game.Im really impressed,there is no bugs,no lags,no ads,and its working in 60fps…Keep up the good work developer!!!”

Music and Sound:

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