Improving update by update the iOS one

iOS has been something new that I tried as developer and I don’t have the same experience as with Android, so that’s why iOS is getting other update because I learned something new to optimze the iOS games.

- What's updated?:

Better performance in old devices.

I was playing the game with my old iPhone 5s and I noticed that the game gets slower when you play more than once in any game mode. I decided to take a deep look and see what is going on and I found the error and also fix other one too at the same time!.

Now the game is smoother and ejoyable.

Less intrusive ads.

The ads behavior is different on iOS compare to Android and I assumed that was exactly the same. By assuming that I made an error that If you press the button “Die Again” to play again the ads shows but the game still running and you can eventually die again after you close the ad. This is really annoying and how is fixed :)!.

If you asked why is different between iOS and Android, then aswer is that Android pauses completly the game when the ad shows.

Loading times.

Ready to update?

The connecting times were improve a lot for the iOS users! 😀

Go to your App Store and update or download the game for free!

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