Setting up the new Arcade Mode.

Since it’s launch on iOS we saw some UI (User Interface) bugs and we take inmedialy actions to fix it. The game was originally for Android and Windows devices, but is now for iOS and MacOS too! The new Arcade Mode is under construction but will be available soon, you can test it before launch on Android devices by being a beta tester. With nothing else to add let’s see what is new and what is fixed.

- What's new?:

Return Button

We notice that there is some devices without gestures to go back on the apps or any fullscreen game, so we decided to add this little return button to simulate the fisical or the gesture “return button”. You could think “This is not a big deal”, but it is… You can lose players by this issue because if they went on the skins section they couldn’t go back and forces them to close the game that maybe they won’t play again due this 🙁

Achievements and leaderboards (iOS)

Players love get recognition after they achieve a goal on my Android games, so we decided to add the same achievements on iOS from the Android version and for the same amount of XP (in this case are points because iOS uses Game Center Gaming Network).

Also, we added a new leaderboar called RIP that stores how many times you died on the game on any mode! will be so funny to see a player with more than 1k deaths…

- What's updated?:

New counter visual effects.

We love add “Useless” visual effects to our game and this time we add animations to the background counter to add more pressure to the player when he is near the 20 seconds.

Ready to update?

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